Renovation – we love it

We love renovating. Whether it’s a 2 bed terrace or a 5 bedroomed detached, we love renovating.

There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing an old, tired building back into being and breathing new life into it.


Buying from auction? Or a doer-upper?

We help our customers renovate properties to live in, sell or rent. We understand that it’s a business. We understand you want a beautiful home. We understand that you want the best return for your money.


Call us before you buy and we’ll arrange to view the property you’re interested in and give you a fully costed estimate for the works required.

Project Management

We can project manage the complete renovation for you and present you with a finished property for you to live in, sell or rent. Or, we can work closely with yourself to ensure a smooth renovation process.

We get it right first time

You are safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to be constantly renewing, upgrading or fixing broken or inadequate plumbing, electrics, fixtures, fittings and everything else we install.

Peace of mind

Hands on, hands off, we don’t mind. But you can rest assured that all our renovations are completed to your satisfaction.

We love what we do. We do what we love.